online lesen Very! Very! Sweet, Vol. 3 pdf, epub

online lesen Very! Very! Sweet, Vol. 3 pdf, epub

Very! Very! Sweet, Vol. 3

  • Nummer: 131303213728774
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  • Sprache: Deutsche
  • Auswertung: 4.3/5 (Votes: 2287)
  • Taschenbuch: 159 seiten
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Thanks in no small part to Be-Ri, Tsuyoshi is just getting settled in his new life in Korea. But now that Erica's on the scene, Tsuyoshi's decision to use Korea as a "fresh start" is becoming more and more difficult, especially when she announces she'll be joining his class at school. For Be-Ri, the only thing worse than watching Erica's shameless affection from the back seat of a car is...having to watch it every day from her new seat behind Erica and Tsuyoshi. But what's this? Is Erica...crying? Seems there's trouble in paradise, but Be-Ri's got troubles of her own when Mu-Hyuk's surprise kiss turns her insides to knots...

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